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‘Thump’ premiere our Metalhead’z Lenzman Video

  • AuthorChris
  • Date 27 June 2014
  • CategoryMusic


One of the things we’ve been dying to do here at VI HQ, is make a music video! So, needless to say that when Lenzman took up Chris’ offer of a possible collaboration, we were ecstatic! (so much so, that we celebrated with a round of flat whites in the cafe here at Chapter)

Lenzman had a track, featuring the amazing Martyna Baker, ‘Anticipate’, that he thought would be a good project for the collaboration. After bouncing around a few ideas, we quickly found ourselves in preproduction.

With Chris flexing his directorial muscles once more, and with the help of our friends at Clear As Day Productions – who were brought in to shoot the piece – we were with Martyna on a train station platform on the outskirts of Bristol… at night.

After eight hours in the dark, ducking and diving with LED panels, jumping on and off trains, and consuming copious amounts of expensive, branded energy drinks, we were wrapped.

Lenzman and Martyna loved the finished video and it was launched not long after it was delivered.

A highlight was seeing ‘Thump’, the electronic music and culture channel from VICE, featuring the video – something Chris was particularly excited about.

So please watch the video and share if you like it! We really enjoyed working with all involved and could be persuaded to make more music videos in the near future!

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