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  • Date 11 February 2013
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We have had the honour of working with Start Empathy, an initiative of Ashoka, on a series of films to compliment a 10 part documentary series called A Year at Mission Hill. A school based in Boston, USA.

Having been looking for an opportunity to work with my children over the last few months, thanks to a good friend this could now happen. After numerous kitchen table debates with all three of my children, it was my daughter Amelia, 5 years old, who came on board to co/direct (at least that was the plan). She talked about her school over a couple of days and we came up with the story to compliment Chapter 1, which is an introduction about what it takes to make a great school.

Amelia made all the drawings, meticulously (out of choice!), detailing her perspective of school life with very minimal adult intervention. Then working with our good friend & highly skilled animator Ben Morriss the following piece was created. Both the greatest challenge and success was retaining the authenticity of her work.

Watch the film here

We hope you like the video & keep an eye out for the rest in the series. Each one will have a unique perspective. If you can share them as much as possible and get talking about the issues in the documentary.

If you are interested in Mission Hill and want to learn about Start Empathy and their many campaigns, which are relevant to all audiences internationally, follow the links.

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