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Start Empathy | Chapter 2 – Understanding our Environment

  • AuthorChris
  • Date 11 March 2013
  • CategoryBlog

Chapter 2, in our ten part series for Start Empathyan initiative of Ashoka, has been published online, with an overwhelmingly positive response.

In the second chapter we explore, from a child’s perspective, the emotions of starting a new school year and reflect how a positive learning environment can not only help us to overcome those obstacles, but benefit and grow through understanding.

My eldest son shared some ideas while I was writing it and loved the concept of being in space with Aliens. He then read the story for the final piece. Ben Morriss, aka Veez Nixon, as resident animator/illustrator, brought the storyboard to life in an amazingly short time. Also, I hope for the older generation, the soundtrack composed was reminiscent of  the good ol’ days.

Watch the video here

We hope you like the videos and keep an eye out for the rest in the series – each one will have a unique perspective. We’d love you to share them as much as possible and get talking about the issues in the documentary.

If you are interested in Mission Hill and want to learn about Start Empathy and their many campaigns, which are relevant to all audiences internationally, follow the links.