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Shlomo, Friends & Alfred Hitchock : The Documentary

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  • Date 30 October 2012
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Rehearsal Time, Worried?

Last month we had the pleasure of witnessing something really unique in the film & music world. The legendary Shlomo & five vocalists faced what could only be described as their biggest challenge to date. The BFI had commissioned Shlomo, World Loopstation Champion 2011, to compose a unique score for a recently restored Alfred Hitchock film made in 1927, called Downfall.

The undertaking was unbelievably huge and as they approached the deadline numerous setbacks crept in. All through the rehearsals our plan was to stay true to form and document the ups and downs of this epic journey to offer more than a promotional video, but an insight into a usually unseen world. What was most fascinating, unlike film, is the amount of work that goes into that one show, one chance, no re-edits afterwards!

The time spent making the film from rehearsal through to performance was amazing and offered plenty of its own challenges, what was apparent was how little time anyone actually had. Most of the performers had other rehearsals and commitments to jet off to, literally as Shlomo wrapped for the day.

Shlomo & The 5 Vocalists, from left : Julie, Harriett, Billy, Robin & Tobias

Having never scored a film before, the 200+ page notation was clearly overwhelming for everyone, translating the world of beatbox was no mean feat. How they pulled it off can only be described as a healthy mixture of talent, passion and determination!

Despite the one member of the audience fast asleep near the PA, and the elderly gentleman who realised he was sitting right next to the speaker, it is safe to say everyone who saw it was blown away!!
Look out for the Documentary in February
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