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#shlomobellydancer | Shlomo Performs ‘Belly Dancer’ for C4 Random Acts

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  • Date 4 February 2013
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In October last year, we had the pleasure of filming legendary beatboxer, SHLOMO, in the beautiful Battersea Arts Centre, for one of two commissions from Channel 4/Other Roads Films. The three minute short aired on the Random Acts platform Tuesday 5th February, 23:05pm & is now on the website forever after!

Shlomo performs ‘Belly Dancer’ an excerpt from his sell out show ‘Mouthtronica’. ‘Bellydancer’ is a heartfelt story about Shlomo’s Iraqi-Jewish grandparents – Nana Julie and Grandpa Josh, painting a colourful world seen through the eyes of a three year old, using only his voice and a loop pedal.

Our main challenge was getting the original seven minute piece down to three minutes, without losing the essence and elements of the story!  Needless to say, working closely with Shlomo, making numerous cuts, rewrites, blood, sweat and some tears, we are proud to share the final piece with everyone.
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A HUGE Thank you to our small,  yet amazing crew – James Brown, Matt Hains, Adam Scott & Ben Morriss for creating 3d Titles (we didn’t use) and working on audio post production. Clive & Steve from Other Roads Films, we got there in the end! Katy Smith & Liz Moreton from Battersea Arts Centre, who really went the extra mile on the day.

Finally a huge thanks to the charming gentleman, Simon ‘Shlomo’ Kahn.

Be sure to check out Shlomo’s own site

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