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NOFIT State Circus reveal their Grand Design

  • AuthorChris
  • Date 14 November 2012
  • CategoryBlog

Last month we were invited to take an exclusive look at the new home for Cardiff-based, NoFit State Circus. Currently under extensive renovation, they are looking for support and asked us to help out – which gave Richard a great excuse to flex his 3D muscles, which previously only resulted in picture frames!

Zoe Munn, leading the development, jumped on board as our TV presenter to walk us through the whole site, revealing the transformation of the former derelict building into what will be an exciting development for both the circus and local community.

Adopting both a creative & inclusive approach to fundraising, staying true to its form, NoFit has literally structured a way for people to donate at any budget level. The option to contribute to everything from a full steel beam down to the individual bolt, means everyone really can become an integral part of this exciting development.

Safe to say, this will be a great home for the registered charity, benefiting the local community and Cardiff as a whole.
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