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Award Winning Money Doctors Given Green Light

  • AuthorChris
  • Date 20 February 2012
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[dropcap_1]A[/dropcap_1]s we walked in to plead our case, we were pleasantly surprised by our smiling Executive Producer, Lena.  “Boys! Have you got ideas for the next one?”. Naturally we were moderately prepared for this and reeled off our ambitious plans. If only we could secure funding.

Moments later, the news we have been waiting nearly a year for arrived. Richard almost fell of his chair! If it wasn’t for my weight on his lap, who knows how the day could have turned out.

[pull_quote_right]”This time around, we are going to go bigger and better than before!”[/pull_quote_right]

So officially, we are in preproduction. To give you a taster, Episode 2 is going to focus more on the female perspective. Think glitz, glamour and all things sparkly. Fingers crossed, if there is any money left over from the budget, we can treat ourselves to some plush new pillowcases.

As with all our productions, we love input from every angle, Richard especially, so get in touch if you have any suggestions. The only restrictions are there are none! Time to end this cliche heavy FIRST website post.

Watch this space!

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