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Gimbal For FS700? Looks A Little Bit Silly!

  • AuthorRichard
  • Date 2 July 2014
  • CategoryBlog

Now that we have an FS700, in all its bulky, weighty glory, one thing we wanted to add to our set up is something that would see us improve our image quality further. Like, long, smooth tracking shots or any kind of footage that looks smooth when handheld and not like a bad Bourne rip off.

Without relying on track and dolly, the restrictive ‘slider’ or even excessive warp stabiliser in Adobe Premiere, we looked at a few options. We pondered a Stedicam, but they do require a lot of getting used to – it’s a definite skill to operate! But recently there’s been plenty of movement in the handheld gimbal market (pun absolutely intended!), and we decided to look at that.

Now, the most famous of the handheld gimbal world, at the moment, is the Movi M10! It’s the gimbal of choice for professional crews! Nice, but a tad expensive… it’s worth it, I’m sure, but £10k-£12k is a hell of an outlay! There are cheaper alternatives – a few on Kickstarter, et al, and DJI (of drone flying fame) have just released the Ronin, but still on the expensive side.

We need a heavy duty solution to handle our camera and accessories, meaning we need to demand more from our potential rig…


Richard has an idea! He believes, completely, that he can build one! …no, don’t laugh! Come on, it’s not that funny!

So, ladies and gentlemen, to prove that Richard maybe a little bit silly, here are the first snaps of his build of their Gimbal for FS700 and Odyssey 7Q – or VI Glide!

Gimbal Box

Gimbal Stand    Gimbal Camera


Stay tuned for progress updates!

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